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Voip Office has been investing for more than a decade to build the industry’s most advanced business communication system.

The Voip Office advantage includes:
  • The industry's leading reliability and uptime ratings—bar none. A level of stability ensured only by technology built from the ground up.
  • Bank-level security for every call—VoIP Office has the only system that protects every call with end-to-end encryption, no matter what device starts the call.
  • The most complete, highest-quality customer experience, unsurpassed in the industry. From the intuitive product interface, to the top-rated white-glove onboarding and support teams, to our introduction of the first high definition voice network, you will notice the VoIP Office difference from day one.


Growing, evolving businesses require a flexible phone system agile enough to respond to change quickly—whether it is a change in your organization or the needs of your workforce.

With Voip Office, you can:
  • Scale your phone system, even across highly distributed office locations.
  • Control and tailor permissions and levels of access to each user or administrator, individually or in batches.
  • Professionalize any mobile device. No matter what device your employees use, or who owns that device, they can take their business number with them, leaving you confident that their professional image remains intact.
  • Unify the many powerful communications tools your workforce needs under one system to increase their capacity to share and collaborate frequently and productively. The fully integrated product suite includes voice, SMS, web meetings, audio conferencing, and fax.


Voip Office is built on an open platform that makes it easy to integrate communications functionality into popular applications and essential business tools. The result? An entire ecosystem of apps and systems that will help you streamline your business processes and create workforce efficiencies.

Voip Office delivers:
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Google, Box, Outlook, and Zendesk to ensure that you have integrated communications interwoven into your most indispensable applications.
  • A large and growing VoIP Office App Store that opens an entire library of productivity tools to you and your users.
  • Developer-ready APIs, tools, tutorials, and a thriving developer community to engage and inspire your own developers to build custom integrations and apps to meet your unique business needs.
  • $95/month plus taxes includes unlimited calling to US and Canada

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$95/M plus taxes Learn More
Unlimited calls to US & CANADA
Auto attendent
Music on hold
$95/M plus taxes Learn More


  • Unlimited Calls to US & Canada
  • Auto Attendent
  • Music on Hold
  • Voice Mail to E-Mail
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Global Caller ID
  • Outlook Integration
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