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VoIP Office offers services to businesses of any size. We provide IP communications solutions to ensure your small business needs are met at affordable prices. Find out about our small business plans today and save!


Voip Office gives you the most advanced and modern communication system in the industry—for one affordable price. The feature-rich phone system puts an entire suite of communication tools at your disposal. Now your small business can perform like a big business.

With Voip Office, you get:
  • The industry's most reliable service—bar none. Our advanced network continually detects and routes your communications along the most efficient pathway.
  • An integrated suite of products that immediately unifies all your communications, making it practical and cost-effective for you to share and respond in any way that keeps business moving. The Voip Office suite includes voice, SMS, web meetings, audio conferencing, and fax.
  • The most complete, highest-quality customer experience, unsurpassed in the industry. From day one, you’ll feel the Voip Office distinction in the ease of our intuitive product interface, in the dedication of our top-rated support teams, and in the clarity of our high-definition voice calls—an industry first.


With your phone system delivered via the cloud, you can be as professional on the go as you are in an office. Any device, anywhere, instantly becomes a business communication tool.

With Voip Office, you can:
  • Professionalize your mobile device. Voip Office makes it possible to take your business phone number with you, while keeping your personal number separated, giving you the flexibility to make calls, texts, and faxes from your business number on any mobile device.
  • Respond professionally to every incoming call from any device, anywhere, with the same business call routing flows you set up for the office.
  • Have your pick of devices to answer or make calls—handset, mobile, tablet, or computer—knowing you can even switch devices mid-call without the smallest interruption or degradation to the call.


Setting up and managing your phone system doesn't have to be a huge distraction from running your business. Convenience is part of the VoIP Office experience. We do all the setup for you, and customizing the phone system from your online account is simple.

With Voip Office, you can:
  • Add and remove employees.
  • Scale to multiple locations as you expand or change offices.
  • Tailor permissions and levels of access to each user or administrator.
  • $80/month plus taxes, includes unlimited calling to US and Canada
  • Outlook signature available with upgrade

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$80/M plus taxes Learn More
Unlimited calls to US & CANADA
Auto attendent
Music on hold
$80/M plus taxes Learn More


  • Unlimited Calls to US & Canada
  • Auto Attendent
  • Music on Hold
  • Voice Mail to E-Mail
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Global Caller ID
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