Growth Prospects With Area Codes 213 and 323

Enhance the company’s presence with VoIP Office, contributing to the workability for integrating Los Angeles area codes into the contact information.

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Expand the business and reach approachability by embracing area codes 213 and 323.

With VoIP Office, Any Los Angeles Area Code Is Within Reach

Area code 213 is assigned to a numbering plan area (NPA) that includes Central Los Angeles, California, in the United States. This area code was the original North American one that was established in 1947 and has gone through many changes as the region grew.   

Presently, area code 213 is used along with area code 323, which covers several communities in Southeast LA, such as Bell Park, Hollywood, Florence, Koreatown and more. These area codes operate within the Pacific Time Zone. Los Angeles the second largest city in United States is located in South California state and requires multiple area codes across the city, covering an area of five hundred square miles and has a population of almost four million people. Los Angeles is 6 miles from Glendale, 383 miles from San Francisco and 102 miles from San Diego.  

Los Angeles was won by the United States from Mexico in 1848 during the Mexican American War. In 1850, California was given statehood, and Los Angeles was merged in the same year. The discovery of oil and introduction of new railway track connections by Southern Pacific Railway led to a population boom in the area.  

Business Communication
Business Communication

VoIP Office Loves Los Angeles

Hollywood is in Los Angeles, and studios like MGM, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and other movie studios come under area codes 213 and 323. Many residents located in Los Angeles work in health care sectors, retail trade, and different manufacturing industries wherein, in the next ten years in these industries, there is an expected job growth rate of 37%.

Local Phone Numbers, Benefits

1) With the selection of local phone numbers from any location across the country, businesses will get local business     status. 

2) Route calls towards the toll-free numbers and phones anywhere across the world. 

3) Display your VoIP Office local number as an outbound caller ID for all devices, from business to home or even mobile phones.

Business Communication
Business Communication

Use VoIP Office Local Smart Office Numbers for Voice, SMS and Fax

1) Use one number that includes communication channels like voice, text and fax. 

2) List just one all-purpose number on the website and business cards 

3) Never miss a text, call or fax, and customers never hear a busy signal, even when on a phone call.

Features of 213, 323 Virtual Number

1) Call Queues 

2) IVR Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

3) Voicemail to Email 

4) Screening Calls Information Before Answering 

5) CRM Integrations and many other features

Business Communication
Business Communication

Why Choose a 213, 323 Area Code in the Los Angeles for Business

1) It can cover a market with a population of around 4 million in the Los Angeles Area. 

2) Expand and connect with larger potential customers. 

3) Make use of local phone numbers in advertising campaigns. 

4) 213, 323 provides a sense of familiarity to the targeted customers. 

5) Flexibility And Scalability. 

6) No requirement for any special equipment.

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