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Enhance the company’s presence with VoIP Office, contributing to the workability of integrating the Stockton area code into the contact information. By embracing area code 209, it strengthens business reputation, increases visibility, and increases customer engagement.

With VoIP Office, Any Stockton Area Code Is Within Reach

In 1958, the area code 209 phone number was created as part of the North American Numbering Plan. This area code covers parts of central California and includes cities like Stockton and parts of Modesto, Merced, and other neighboring places. This code has remained the same since its establishment.

Area code 209 is located in the Pacific Time Zone in the United States of America. This code covers 64 square miles of San Joaquin County. The specific time within this time zone varies depending on the current date and daylight-saving time status

With a population of more than 300,000 people, Stockton is the 13th largest city in the State of California. The Stockton area code includes the Amador, Stanislaus, Calaveras, and Merced counties. Area code 209 covers part of the San Joaquin River and is 78 miles from San Francisco, 57 miles from Livingston, and 77 miles from San Jose. 

During the California Gold Rush many people shifted to Stockton from within the country and abroad too. A wave of immigrants had come from China as well. Stockton was added to the State of California in the year 1850. It got its name from US Navy Commodore Robert Field Stockton. 

This city got an extra advantage, as it was located near the water, which led to its development. As the years passed by, the city became an important port for trade and transport. Then in the year of 1933, the Stockton Deepwater Channel was completely built. This city continued its growth even during World War II and at present is the 63rd biggest city in the entire country of United States. 

Business Communication
Business Communication

Open Doors to Stockton & Make Your Presence with Stockton Area Code

There are a few famous significant businesses in Stockton like State Government Correctional Institutions, Dameron Hospital, Foster Care SVC, Police Department – Personnel and Training, San Joaquin County Property Management, St. Joseph Medical Center, Gallo Winery, Foster Farms, Sutter Health, Memorial Medical Center and few others.

Few other big industries coming under area code 209 are from trading sector, agriculture sector, construction and manufacturing. The city is expecting a future job growth rate of 36% in the coming years. Most of the residents residing in the Stockton area code are from health care, retail trade and educational services. 


VoIP Office Loves Stockton

The state of California ranks third highest for having the highest startup survival rate of 55.2%, as per a study by Appy Pie in the year of 2023. The state boasts about the lowest first-year business failure, that’s around 13.2%. As the city continues to expand, the population grows too. Along with growth in startup companies, expanding the business presence in Stockton will be the right decision. Consider getting the local phone number from VoIP Office and build local presence.

In the year 2015 and again in the year 2017, Stockton was labelled “All-America City,” by the National Civic League. A few of the substantial events that take place within the Stockton area code are beer festivals, the Concerts in the Park Series, food festivals and more.   

Business Communication
Business Communication

Benefits of Local Phone Numbers

1) Businesses will gain local business status by selecting local phone numbers from anywhere in the world. 

2) Route calls to toll-free numbers and phones anywhere across the world. 

3) Display your VoIP Office local number as an outbound caller ID for all devices, from business to home or even mobile phones. 

4) A phone number with an area code of 209 indicates a local business presence. However, a San Francisco phone number can be operated from anywhere in the world.

Use VoIP Office Local Smart Office Numbers for Voice, SMS, and Fax

1) Use one number that includes communication channels like voice, text, and fax. 

2) List just one all-purpose number on the website and business cards 

3) Never miss a text, call, or fax, and customers never hear a busy signal, even when you are on a phone call.

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