VoIP Office is happy to announce the latest release of PBX to give you more control over your phone system. The PBX provides several new features to improve efficiency and productivity in your organization. Some of the new features of PBX are:

Email to Fax

This wonderful feature helps you to easily send faxes directly from the email. It saves a lot of time and is user-friendly.

CDR Partitioning

This feature is designed to make your work more convenient as it allows the users to manage their track records efficiently by dividing them into easily trackable tables.

Operation Times

This feature has been designed to enable the user to set custom destinations, working hours along with an option for 'Midnight Reset'.

The new PBX has much more to offer and many more wonderful features to facilitate your organization to reach its targets smoothly and efficiently.

Sunny Reddy, President for VoIP Office said "We are very happy to announce the release of PBX in VoIP phone systems. This will help our customers to communicate more efficiently and effectively and will definitely propel their growth. I am sure our customers will benefit from this new addition."

About VoIP Office:

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